Welcome to the web site of Victoria Association


The ‘Victoria Association’ society was registered under No. 3512/2003 as a non-profit public benefit organization with the Sofia City Court, Republic of Bulgaria, its main purpose being transnational adoptions mediation.

We started our activity in 2005 when we were accredited by the Central Authority of R of Bulgaria – the Ministry of Justice, to assist in transnational adoptions of children with usual residence in R of Bulgaria by persons with usual residence in Greece and Cyprus and Italy, which was extended on 15.03.2010.

In 2013 we obtained a license to work with adopters from the USA.

Our team consists of professionals from various fields, including lawyers, psychologists, doctors.

Our mission is to find homes for more abandoned children and to assist with the necessary care their adoptive parents to find their way to them.






Republic of Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe, in the Northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The city of Sofia is its capital.

Republic of Bulgaria is a member of the European Union.