Ethical principles and rules of conduct for implementation of mediation in international adoptions in Association Victoria

These ethical principles and rules are obligatory for the professionals working for the organization Association Victoria with regard to the intermediation in international adoptions. They owe loyalty and respect to the clients in implementing the activities of the Association as they:

1. Show due respect towards adopters and contribute to increase self-esteem and dignity during the adoptive procedure.

2. Provide services and apply techniques according to their qualifications /education, specialized training, and practical experience/. They make every effort and maintain high standards and competence. They apply learned models and techniques to motivate adopters to complete the adoption, via relevant hypotheses, conclusions and recommendations.

3. Show necessary professional responsibility and one related to the compliance with the requirements of the law in the field of international adoptions. They are responsible for their own actions and ensure to the maximum degree that their services and methods guarantee lawful conduct of the adoptive process.

4. Make efforts to honestly explain the possibilities of adoption pointing out not only its good sides, but also negative experiences and possible options to overcome them.

5. Are obliged not to disclose facts and circumstances that have become known to them in the course of or on the occasion of the activity that they implement or have implemented in the Association. Information and records are kept in a proper way in order to secure the necessary confidentiality and are only used for the purposes of adoption.

6. May not request and receive remuneration disproportionate to the services rendered or the usual remuneration for the same services. Adoption procedure must not be used for acquisition of any kind of material benefit.

7. Constantly maintain their professional development and improvement in activities of mediation in international adoption, including participation in trainings organized by the Association.



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