The following normative documents are applicable to the procedure of transnational adoptions:

1. Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption /the Hague Adoption Convention/;

2. Code of International Private Law;

3. The Family Code of the R of Bulgaria;

4. Ordinance No. 2/2014 on the conditions and procedure of issuance and withdrawal of permits for mediation in transnational adoptions and for implementation and termination of the activity of accredited organizations;

5. Ordinance No. 3/2014 on the conditions and procedure of keeping the registers of transnational adoptions and granting of a consent by the Minister of Justice in R of Bulgaria;

6. The legislation regulating transnational adoptions in the host country.



Republic of Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe, in the Northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The city of Sofia is its capital.

Republic of Bulgaria is a member of the European Union.